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every summer since the late 1940's some of the last days of camp have always been reserved for travel. although over the years the length of trips and a couple of the destinations have changed, the longstanding tradition of the algonquins to maine still remains.


"what do you mean people with zero percentage body fat have problems floating when they are thrown from their whitewater raft?"

"yeah brah, maybe eat the ice cream tonight and skip the salad."

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"eli, did fields earn the helmet again?"

"yes, keep smiling, if he keeps up his current place he is venturing into 2012 halpern territory."

epstein you're safe, stay right here, smile, no questions. 

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this summer the braves ventured to the beautiful islands of hawaii for a trip filled with saving turtles and indigenous plant species, surfing some of the greatest waves on earth, touring the sights, and taking it all in. 


the senecas once again returned to california where the beaches were as hot as the angels, ucla seems like a perfect place to spend four years, diego became an improv comedian, and there was a surprise visit from a dear old friend.

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the cherokees headed to boston for their annual visit to the hallowed grounds of fenway park and harvard university, where they also navigated the charles river and sped across the harbor. they laughed throughout a comedy that is never twice the same, and enjoyed a homemade ice cream sandwich or two from a small shop at the end of faneuil hall.

so avery, either you negotiated a very favorable trade for future draft picks with the young woman from danbee to your right or a sloth is indeed your spirit animal.

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the cheyennes took a trip to lake george, where their tribe has been traveling since the days before their parents were born. here they boarded the mini ha-ha for a picturesque evening voyage followed by a fierce competition on the mini golf course and plenty of sweet treats for the victors and the fallen. the next day they too enjoyed the adrenaline thrill of whitewater rapids and rollercoaster rides before a quiet bus ride home.

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lsr tribal head kieran millward keeping with the longstanding mkn tradition whereabouts the trip leader dons the captain's hat of their lakeward vessel. an older logan lerman never looked so distinguished. 

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