"hey mr. basketball chris, number 10 is a monster. how much milk do you think he drinks?!"

- seth silberfarb

"the other umpire from winadu kept calling my pitches strikes so i said thank you."

-gabe kameros

given the rapid rise in popularity of trampball and the increasing level of play, team o decided it was necessary to find out who was the best of the best and crown a 2018 champion.

it was a grueling tournament with over one hundred participants, eight seeded players, four intense rounds of action, filled with upsets, unbelievable comebacks, and finally a winner. the final championship game pitted the #1 seed will hawrylak against the #3 seed justin fields, and two unseeded players charlie szuchman and the only remaining lsr player isaac raphel. after a series of extended points moving the combatants to all corners of their individual trampolines, justin fields defeated the last surviving player charlie szuchman to win the right to call himself champion. 


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