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JULY 18 



2018 is the thirty-second holding of mah-kee-nac's green and white. this year's competition holds even greater significance. green has the opportunity to once again bring the historic series to a tie. white wants nothing more than to extend the lead they once comfortably controlled. ladies and gentlemen here is all that was, gw18.

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the first series of events in the morning were more a sprint than a marathon. with the results of each round the teams' captains, suspended from the roof of the fieldhouse, would be slowly lowered to their doom. 

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green takes the morning event victory. next up is the head2head sporting events. one match, one game, one round, each win earns your team 30 seconds.

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green makes it two in a row, with a two minute net victory in the head2head competition. next we head into the field house where random entry order and dodge ball are one, welcome to royal rumble dodgeball.

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green wins again. the momentum is building and white must make a move before it's too late. onto the all or nothing events, the synchronized swim and the belly flop competition. 

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green takes all or nothing. green takes the synchronized swim. green takes the belly flop competition. can green continue their dominance into lunchtime karaoke and into the circle or will captains matt farwell and dave "the rave" reverse course and steer white back into the competition?

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with their backs against the wall and doubt creeping into their minds, white sweeps the judges with their karaoke performance and figuratively running for lives, they post a second win with the circle. one event remains before the final seneca rope burn, it's time to embrace the madness and the mess that is the rope race.

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after losing two consecutive events, green storms back with a devasting victory in the rope race. the day's times have been totaled and going into the seneca rope burn green will have the largest time differential in history. white can only hope that former captain dan dan barcelo's training will be enough of an edge or that mother nature will continue her love of playing games in this last event.

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and in the end it was green's day. this victory brings the historic series to sixteen all, a tie. but 2019 isn't the moment's concern, rather it belongs to celebration.

congratulations green machine. 

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