SOMETIMES it is best to just sit back, take a breath, read a book, sketch, learn a new dance, play some cards or even contemplate the latest life changing knowledge your dear friend just dropped on the world.

all team four way volleyball

this friday's huddle celebrated friendship and recognized those who always are willing to take time to listen and provide support, be inclusive in their words and actions, and show great care for their fellow community members. we congratulated drew bender, max monson and staff member will kay for consistently showing us what friendship is all about.

at the halfway point of this summer's founders' cup, team metzger continues to defy all expectations by racking up another victory and extending their lead over two time defending champion team rudolph. with two weeks to go, can the former underdog handle the pressure of holding on to the top spot or will the challengers finally figure out how to defeat the team in green?

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