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TUESDAY 8/6/19


what's cooking?

The Olympics continued on today!

If you missed it yesterday, you can click here to see what ream your son is on and follow along with the standings.

The morning began with our traditional lake swim, but this time it was a competition.  One LSR and one counselor from each team swam. Zambia came in first, thanks to Grace Cooke and Max Tsetlin.


Other Olympic events of the day included: 

  • TJC/LSR Swim meet, with the 25-meter butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle; a lifeguard relay, a kickboard relay, a medley, and a freestyle relay. All campers in the age groups participated. Novgorod came in first, Ireland second. ​​
  • USR Soccer Tournament: five campers from each team.  The finals will take place tomorrow.
  • Hockey tournament: three campers and two counselors from each team, final will take place tomorrow. 
  • The Home Run Derby: two campers from each team had to hit targets for points. Papua New Guinea came in first, Novgorod second. 
  • The All Team Tug of War: 
    • First round - All TJC and LSR plus 3 counselors (Jamaica won).

    • Second round - All USR plus 3 counselors (Argentina won).

  • LSR/TJC All Team Soccer Tournament: six campers from each team. Final will take place tomorrow. 
  • All-Team Basketball Tournament: Three campers from each team, final will take place tomorrow.

  • USR Trampball: two campers from each team (Zambia won).

  • Archery: One Camper from each team (Bolivia won). 

  • The waterfront relay: all remaining campers. This included a lifejacket relay, a watermelon rugby game, a canoe tug of war, a paddleboard relay, and a casting challenge (fishing). First place was a tie between Bolivia, Zambia, and Argentina. 

  • Then came the waterfront marathon, where campers had to run/swim/kayak/paddleboard to pass a buoy to the next station, but you could not throw the buoy. Zambia came in first, and Novgorod second. 
  • The Head Coaches Home Run Derby was tons of fun, with 1st place going to Argentina and 2nd going to Jamaica.

  • TJC/LSR Ping Pong was next, with two campers from each team. Ireland won. 
  • Disc Golf had one camper and one counselor from each team, Papua New Guinea took the win. 

  • The remaining campers and one counselor from each team participated in the big track meet. Argentina won. 

  • USR played a "one pitch tournament", China won. 

  • One camper from each team played in the golf tournament, which Zambia won (China came in second). 

  • Assistant Coaches Fencing went to Papua New Guinea. 

  • The USR and Counselor three-point shot contest went to Novgorod. ​​

  • Seneca/Brave/Coach basketball, always a much-loved event, went to Argentina. 

Final standings at the end of today are:

  • 1st Novgorod 

  • 2nd Argentina 

  • 3rd China 

  • 4th Papua New Guinea 

  • 5th Zambia 

  • 6th Ireland 

  • 7th Bolivia 

  • 8th Jamaica 

Today’s Lunch: Chicken Sandwich.

Today’s Dinner: Fajitas.

Tomorrow’s Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and English Muffin.

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