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MONDAY 8/5/19


what's cooking?

Today was all about the Olympics.

If you want to see what team your son is on, click here for the full roster. Then, you can follow along as we post standings throughout the day!

Over the next three days, campers will compete in both all-team and smaller, age & skill divided events.  Points are awarded for every placement- first through eighth, so each event is about much more than just a win or a loss. 

The day began with the swimming time trial. The decathletes swam first, and then the remainder of the teams swam. First place went to team Ireland. 

Then, the teams entered creative mode, working on their team plaque and banner, which they have all day to complete and will be judged for on Wednesday. 

Additional events included the TJC & LSR Davis Cup Tennis, in which three campers from each team competed. First place went to Zambia. The Ultimate Frisbee event - four campers and one counselor from each team competed. First place went to Ireland. 

The TJC events included a Gaga challenge (we're certain the real Olympics will be adding Gaga soon), as well as a "Watermelon" competition, a flag competition and a "find the tennis ball in the sand" competition. At the end of these, there was a first place tie between Papua New Guinea and Argentina.

Meanwhile, USR played American Flag Football with five campers and one counselor from each team. This is round robin style, and will finish on Wednesday. They also had a basketball tournament with three campers from each team, which will also finish on Wednesday. And they played 

Disc Golf with one camper and one counselor from each team. In the end, Zambia was in first and Novgorod in second. 

Then came the All-Team Waterfront Triathlon, an exciting and heated event. The Tri starts with a canoe, then a half-mile run, and finally a swim around the slide and swim area. Every member of the team competes in this challenging event. First place went to Zambia, second place to Argentina. 

There was also a TJC/LSR campus Pentathlon, where one camper from each team had to complete a one-mile run, a rockwall climb, an obstacle course, a pushup and situp competition, and then swim 25 meters in the pool. First place went to Julian Tropea of the United Guild of Novgorod, and second place went to Jonathan Shore of Papua New Guinea.

The remainder of campers and one counselor from each team played one-pitch softball, which Argentina won. USR had a Tennis Davis Cup - three campers and one counselor from each team competed, and China took the win. There was also the Biathlon - one TJC or Navajo camper from each team, one Cheyenne or USR camper, and one counselor from each team. They had to do archery and run a total of ¾ of a mile. Bolivia took the win on this one. 

The track meet also took place, with the remainder of campers and one counselor from each team. This included the 

discus, javelin, shot put, long jump and running.  Zambia took first place and Argentina second. Then came the All-Team Relay,  a 4 x 200M run. Argentina came in first. 

TJC/LSR proceeded to a Hockey tournament - four campers and one counselor from each teamPapua New Guinea won. Then, some more American flag football - five campers and one counselor from each team (the counselor is the quarterback).  Argentina came in with the win.

USR played a volleyball tournament with six campers or counselors from each team, which Argentina also won. And there was 4v4 ultimate frisbee game, which Bolivia won, as well as 2v2 Spikeball (one camper and one counselor from each team), which Zambia won. 

The day ended with the Seneca and counselor Arena Soccer Tournament (5 v 5). China took the win. 

We closed out the night with the Torch Lighting. Each team walked to the dining hall hill together to lighting their torch. 

One by one, our longest standing camper (Asher Kornfield) walked around Junior field with a torch towards the Senecas who started after him, and proceeded according to how long they'd been a camper. 

Current Standings:

1st China 

2nd Argentina 

3rd  Papua New Guinea 

4th Zambia 

5th Novgorod 

6th Ireland 

7th Bolivia 

8th Jamaica 

Today’s Lunch: Pizza Quesadilla.

Today’s Dinner: Meatloaf.

Tomorrow’s Breakfast: Pancakes.

we have a birthday!

  • Lucas Brindley - 10

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