july 13

it's time to laugh, share stories and reconnect with our sisters and cousins from camp danbee.

um sebastian, either you have a lot of relatives or everyone just realized any photo becomes instantaneously better with you in it.

with just two evenings of competition remaining, will team metzger be able to keep the top spot they have had a strange-hold on from the first event or will team rudolph return to historic form to extract this thorn from their side and raise the founders' cup once again?


all team elimination ultimate frisbee

another first place finish for team metzger with rudolph and kruger in a dead heat for second while team lilley finishes a familiar fourth. it all comes down to monday's final night of action.

finally the evening concluded with our weekly friday night huddle. tonight we recognized jonathon gonzalez, max monson, arlo bell and staff member chris hyslop for always lending a helping hand, lifting others up and being exemplary team players.

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