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JUNE 26, 2019

"What I love most" Wednesday

Read about what our campers and staff love most about MKN! 

LSR, Eliot Pitchenik: "That's a very hard question...BEING HERE!"

USR, Alex Desantis: "MY FRIENDS!"

USR, Jacob Krimsky: "The environment with all my friends and 'family'"

TJC' Adam Greenberger: "Its just a lot that i cannot even explain much fun!"

USR, Asher Kornfeld: "The kids and the community."

USR, Jack Patterson: "My friends!"

TJC, Eli Resnick: "I love slide and swim!"

usr, Sam Weiner: "Special events and the breakouts especially! They are so FUN!"

LSR, Jake Menell: "Color war! GO GREEN!"

TJC, Andrew Perlmutter: " Futsal, it's awesome!" 

USR, joey silberfarb: "all of the people here!" 

USR, Jake Ratner: "My bunk mates, they are so cool!"

LSR, Adiel Onofre: "Soccer, it's such a fun activity!"

TJC, Zachary Lacoff: "The waterfront! You get to wear life jackets and play on the toys!"

USR, Tanguy Talabaron: "sharing fun stories with my friends!"

Susan Boder: "The kids' smiling faces!"

Stephan Gair: "The sense of community and overall acceptance to be who you truly are."

Conor Nicolson: "I love the overwhelming sense of belonging, where the extraordinary is the ordinary." 

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