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JULY 31, 2019

Today's "What I love most" Wednesday post features what our STAFF love most about our CAMPERS! 

Jeremy Fishberger: "How engaged they are in their activities and making the most out of camp!"

Steven Jaap: "Our campers are so special. The way they care about each other is spectacular."

Matthew Anderson: "The genuine way the make friendships with each other."

Jack Heenan: "Their willingness to try something new."

Ben Gold: "Their ability to form meaningful friendship very quickly" 

Eric Hawrylak: "The look on their faces when color war and olympics break."

Jess Strang: "How nice they are to each other, it's so sweet to watch!"

Tommy Lane: "They're absolutely BONKERS! I LOVE 'EM"

Bryn Morgan: "They really make this place the place that it is. They are so kind, considerate and FUN to be around!"

Zach Floyd: "Their creativity and excitement!" 

Jude Rodman-Cole: "They teach me something new every day, it's truly amazing." 

Stephan Gair: "Their camaraderie and development of long lasting friendships."

Sarah Watters: "They always support each other, there is always someone around to help out."

Fabiola baeZ: ''Their enthusiasium to try new activities and their reactions to special events!"'

Jack Lynch: "Their energy!"

Mae Sheelan : "I love their random-ness! the stories and theories they come up with about life are hilarious!"

Angus Brolly: "Their sense of humor!"

Andrew chodes: "Their energy and excitement in everything!"

Kirsty Meeks: "The stories they come up with!"

Justin Alfeiri: "Their enthusiasm and energy!"

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