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JULY 11, 2019

Trips and That Thursday

Recap of our trip day or special event day

AHHHHH....TRIP DAY! The boys were thrilled to leave camp for their second trip day of the session. Trip day also meant a SLEEP IN!! The campers (and staff) were very excited about this after the action-packed Green and White competition earlier in the week. 

First to depart this morning, the Algonquins! They loaded the bus and headed off to Lake George for the day. A nice, chill day hanging at the beach was exactly what our busy 14-years-old needed. The Cherokees headed out next and went to play Airsoft, while the Senecas geared up to play some Paintball. USR's had a great day! 

The Navajo's spent the first half of their day at Funplex Funpark, and the second half at a Trampoline Park. The Cheyenne's started their day at the Trampoline Park and ended their day with Laser Tag. There were many smiling LSR faces that returned home today! 

The Juniors and Braves ventured off to...The Basketball Hall of Fame! They all had so much fun reading about the history of Basketball and the players. Today's special segment was an interview with a future Hall of Famer, and all of the boys got an autograph! Definitely be sure to ask him about it on Visiting Day. The boys returned home with basketball cards, mini basketballs and candy - they had a wonderful day! 

From the Apaches to the Braves, the entire camp enjoyed another fabulous camp Trip Day. Tomorrow, we return back to normal program day and we look forward to seeing so many families on Saturday for Visiting Day!


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