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AUGUST 1, 2019

Trips and That Thursday

Recap of our trip day or special event day

The sixth week is a special week here at camp, our LSR and USR campers left for their overnight trips and the Juniors had their first social with Camp Danbee! This is also the final trip day of the summer, sigh. We CANNOT believe how fast the time has gone by! 

Highlights from the trips:


The Algonquins (2 nights, W-F) 

Old Orchard Beach

Get the Fudge Out Escape Room

Cruise around Peaks Island

Explore downtown Portland

"Sky-Diving and Surfing" at Sky Venture & Surfs Up New Hampshire

The Cherokees (2 nights, W-F)

Tour of Fenway

CODZILLA  - Boston Harbour Tour

Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall

Museum of Science / Omni Theatre - IMAX showing of Great Barrier Reef

Newbury Street 

Charles Playhouse Theatre - Shear Madness 

Water Country Water Park

The Cheyennes (W-Th)

Beaver Brook Outfitters White Water Rafting

Minnie Ha-Ha Cruise

Lake George Village/Around the World Mini Golf

Great Escape Fun Park

The Navajos (W-Th)

Cooperstown Bat Company

National Baseball Hall of Fame

Howe Caverns

Zoom Flume



The Juniors may not have had an overnight trip, but the last two days have been nothing short of exciting! In true Trip Day manner, TJC slept in and enjoyed a late breakfast before departing for the movies to see...The Lion King! The excitement was felt all around. Following the sing-a-long viewing, the boys loaded the buses for their pool party and ice cream social at Danbee. The boys returned to MKN for dinner, when soon after flag lowering familiar music began playing on a golf cart driving around campus. The passengers waved their wands continuously as they signaled the breakout for TJC HARRY POTTER DAY!

All the boys were sorted into four houses (Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin) and they were ready for a full day of Hogwarts activities! Today's Harry Potter Day consisted of the following events:




Dumbledore's Request

Transfiguration Class

Wingardium Leviosa

HP Trivia


Anagrog's Web

Potions Class


Retrieve the Dragon Egg

Retrieve a Loved One




Our Braves and Senecas arrived back safely yesterday; we are looking forward to the return of the Navajos and Cheyennes tonight and the Cherokees and Algonquins tomorrow. It's hard to stomach the reality that there are only 8 full days left of camp this summer. We have so much extraordinary left to share and we look forward to every minute of it! 

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