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TJC Swim Lesson
TJC Swim Lesson

Tramp Ball Activity
Tramp Ball Activity

Take your Marks
Take your Marks

TJC Swim Lesson
TJC Swim Lesson



what's cooking?

Programming went on as usual for the most part today, although the kids came inside a bit, as we waited out the rain.  


 The big event, though, was our evening activity called Prison Break.

Campers were led to the fire pit for Saturday night huddle. But as soon as they arrived, suspenseful music was blared from behind them. The campers looked around in confusion, trying to figure out what was happening, when suddenly a man in an orange jumpsuit arose from the dock with two men dressed in black.

The 'wardens' escorted the 'prisoner' to the nearest bunk and shut him inside, while Greg Leo explained how Prison Break worked.  

Bunks competed, three members at a time, by navigating through camp to the safe zone while avoiding spotlights and guards. If they were caught, they had to return to the starting point.  Points were awarded for bunks who got to the safe zone fastest. 

After Prison Break ended, the campers thought the evening was over, but they soon were surprised with a big Olympics fake out.  

A white pickup truck escorted everyone to upper field, where Olympic banners were displayed by the coaches and teams they represented (Portugal, Ireland, Russia, New Zealand, Egypt, Greece, Cameroon, and Sweden).

Just as the boys were ready to commence the Olympics, they learned it was just a fake out! Stay tuned for more….

Today’s Lunch: Pulled Pork.

Today’s Dinner: Pizza.

Tomorrow’s Breakfast: Bagels.

we have a birthday!

  • Elijah Rabin - 14

  • Jude Rodman-Cole - 25