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what's cooking?

The big kids are all on overnights or trips, so the little ones took over the camp.  

TJC entered the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, as we had an all-day, all-night Potterworld extravaganza. The excitement began Wednesday night when  the campers were brought to the field house and sorted into houses. One by one, each camper was called to the stage where the sorting hat declared which house would be their 'home'. 

After the big house division, the competition began Thursday morning.  

Tasks included House Flags and Wand Making (campers and counselors each made themselves a wand), 

Find Character Stations - they had to retrieve an object of the characters description from bunks, Transfiguration Class (transfiguration Professor told one member of each house to create an object using Playdoh, the rest of team had to guess what it was),  Wingardium Leviosa - throw a balloon up in the air (one for each team) and the team had to keep the balloon in the air using a straw; Harry Potter Trivia - five questions were asked, the first to answer each question correctly received a house point, "Ridiculous" - one team member from each house had to act out something, the rest of the team had to guess what it was, Anagrog’s Web -one member of the house was blindfolded and the housemates guided them through a web; Potions Class; Retrieve the Dragon Egg-

two campers made their way through an obstacle course to get to the dragon’s nest; Retrieve a Loved One -

one counselor from each house was chained and thrown into the pool and a camper from each house had to jump in and find a mermaid egg to save them; and the Maze -

one member from each house was sent into the maze and had to defeat the dementors and complete the puzzle. 


And finally, the big day ended with real life Quidditch!

Campers had to  keep their "broom stick" on at all times (a pool noodle between the legs), the Golden Snitch could be thrown out at any time, and they had to catch it and throw it through the goal to win. 

After a very tight game and lots of up and down on the leader board, Ravenclaw were the big winners! 

Today’s Lunch: Grilled Cheese and chicken nuggets.

Today’s Dinner: Hamburgers.

Tomorrow’s Breakfast: baked goods.


To Mae Sheelan for all of her hard work and planning for the Harry Potter Event!

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