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TUESDAY 7/9/19











HIGH: 84°F

LOW:  59°F


what's cooking?

we have a birthday!

Today’s Lunch: hamburger helper.


Today’s Dinner: roasted chicken.


Tomorrow’s Breakfast: Egg McMuffin and potato hash

Today was an active, incredibly fun, and memorable day filled with fierce Green & White competition.

It also happened to be the 90th birthday of our beloved Mah-Kee-Nac, so spirits were high, competition was intense, and the excitement level was astronomical. 

Daytime activities included the famed Bottle Flip, a T-shirt scavenger hunt/race, and "Behind Enemy Lines" - like a full-team "Red Rover" of sorts, where you try to get the other team in jail while getting your teammates out. 

Next, was Royal Rumble Dodgeball, where the entire teams compete against each other. Then, we moved to head-to-head competitions such as Archery Tag (think paintball but with marshmallow arrows), soccer,  synchronized swimming (check out our Instagram stories if you didn't see this yet), basketball, baseball, kickball, spike ball, and some more creative events like a fashion show, an advertising jingle face-off, karaoke, an MKN 90th birthday cake toss, and the counselor belly flop.

By the end of the day, the Green team was ahead 48 seconds going into the legendary rope burn.  If you didn't watch live on Instagram, allow us to explain...

Senecas from their respective teams try to build a fire large enough to burn a thick rope hanging seven feet in the air. 

The fire can not exceed five feet in height.  All other campers can help senecas gain tools for their fire. 

Because they came in ahead, if the green team burned the rope first, they'd win it all. If the white team burned the rope first, the green team had 48 seconds to catch up. 

The rope burn was VERY close the whole time, but in the end, the green rope burned about ten seconds before the white rope, and so they won Green & White. 

The victors ran to the big rock to paint it green, with the whole team cheering and chanting. They were given the

MKN Green & White trophy for their victory.


MKN 90th Birthday!!


To Team O for helping keep score throughout Green & White, and referee all of the games.

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