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MONDAY 7/8/19











HIGH: 81°F

LOW:  55°F


what's cooking?

Today’s Lunch: Chicken Quesadillas.

Today’s Dinner: Sausage & Pasta.

Tomorrow’s Breakfast: Pancakes.

In case you missed the big news on Instagram, Green & White (our version of Color War) broke out! But wait, we'll get to that...


Earlier in the day, we had a few tournaments. Rising 6th graders played basketball at Winadu, rising 7th graders played 

Flag Football at Taconic, and the rising 8th/9th/10th graders banded together to play tennis at Lenox, and they came in 2nd place! Congrats to Andrew Badt, Gregory Dekker, Justin Boder, Avery Solan, Alex Vebman, Justin Fields, Jacob Krimsky

and Will Hawrylak

When the kids gathered for campus time today, they were suddenly surrounded by counselors in a golf cart, holding green & white smoke grenades, signaling everyone to go to the field house.

Once there, it was clear that Green & White - our version of color war, was beginning.  Everyone got a team number, as campers & counselors are sorted into 'mini-teams' within their color to compete.   

Senecas came storming into the room waving their respective flags, and the team captains were announced.  For Green, the captains are Toby Chambers and Rory Maguire, for White, they are Chris Hyslop and Stephen Gair.

Everyone was escorted outside and the first official "Breakout" race began.

Each team lined up by campus - Senecas in front, then USR, LST,  TJC, and counselors in back.  Every team member had to race up the hill to the soccer field; if a young camper fell behind, the counselors picked them up and ran with them.   The fastest time won, and this race went to Green team. 

The second event was ultimate frisbee -

each Seneca played ultimate frisbee on their respected team with two members of the Philadelphia Ultimate Frisbee team! White team won.  

Competition continued into the evening with 14 stations scattered around camp for the campers to complete tasks, at which they'd get sprayed with shaving cream or syrup if they did it wrong.  Such tasks entailed wrapping a team member in construction paper,

solving a jigsaw puzzle while blindfolded, and playing two truths and a lie.

Once a team completed all stations, they had to sprint back to the lacrosse field, make a coke bottle explode (#science) and build a tent.

In the end, The Green Team was victorious and finished the race two minutes before the white team. It was an energized, hysterical, fun-filled evening! 

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