FRIDAY 7/5/19










HIGH: 88°F

LOW:  69°F


what's cooking?

Today’s Lunch: Chicken Fingers

Brother/Sister Lunch at MKN!

Today’s Dinner: Chinese

Tomorrow’s Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and Toast

Today was a sporty day!

Rising 7th (baseball), rising 8th (basketball), and rising 10th (basketball) graders all had tournaments. All teams did well and won some games/lost some games. We are really seeing our teams continuously improve as they have more time to practice together and work as a unit.

The athletics continued into evening activity with some Founder's Cup competition. The kids competed in basketball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, and ultimate frisbee. Current Founder's Cup standings are:

1. Kruger

2. Metzger

3. Rudolph

4. Lilley 

Scores are close, though, and it's still anyone's game!


Our TJCs (lower camp, rising 5th and below) got lice and tick checks. It's not a glamorous announcement, but we like you parents to know we're on top of this!


We had our second Friday Night Huddle, where we discussed friendship and honored four boys who have shown us what the word is all about. We looked for someone who includes others, someone who inquires about other people’s interests, and someone who is supportive and listens. This week, we highlighted Seth Silberfarb, Nate Weiner, Diego Marranzini, and Tommy Lane (counselor).

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