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MONDAY 7/29/19


HIGH: 86°F

LOW:  67°F


what's cooking?

Today’s Lunch: Meatball sub.

Today’s Dinner: Roasted Chicken.


Tomorrow’s Breakfast: scrambled eggs and english muffin.

The odds were ever in the boys' favor today, as they played a real life version of The Hunger Games.

After rest hour, each campus entered the games at separate times. The "tributes" had to find weapons throughout the playing field in order to take out the other competitors (like

Nerf darts, Nerf guns and dodgeballs acting as grenades). The participants started out inside hula hoops spread around the perimeter of the playing field.  If they got it, they were out. 

If they stepped out of bounds, they were out. If they made a hit, it was considered one kill. The boys LOVED it. 

TJC winners were Drew Harmon, James Routman and Dash Levy. 

LSR winners were Sean Forman, Julius Avidane, Nate Weiner and Bennett Ross. 

USR winners were Charlie Lesch, Michael Taglia and Avery Solan.

The winners played in a final round together for the title of 

all camp winner.  After a huge showdown between Avery Solan and Bennnnett Ross, Avery Solan pulled through with the win. Next up? The quarter quell.


Earlier in the day, we had a few tournaments. Our golfers went to play a friendly nine holes at Cramwell. Our rising fifth graders went to Pontiac for basketball and came in third place! And our rising ninth graders played a friendly game of basketball at MKN against Kutsher's Sports Academy (KSA). Let's just say those guys are pretty serious about their sports...

Evening activity was especially fun for TJC, who played Paint Twister, which turned into a paint war. 

LSR had a social at Danbee, as did Cheyenne.

Navajos stayed at MKN and Danbee came here, where they played campus time activities.

what's cooking?

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