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what's cooking?

we have a birthday!

Today’s Lunch: Philly Cheese Steak.

Today’s Dinner: Chinese.

Tomorrow’s Breakfast: Baked Goods.

The campers got some nice outside time this morning before it rained in the afternoon.

The rising 7th graders had a basketball tournament at Winadu. They won one game and lost two, but as always, a great effort by all of our players. 

During rest hour, the kids worked on the official end-of-session-one camp sing, which will take place Friday night.

Afternoon was rainy day activities. 

The whole camp played Mooshoo Warrior together in the Field House.  This is a game of poses: crane, superman, or boulder. You pick a pose, and if it's the same as the MooShoo Warrior, you are out. It was a battle of immense skill and strategy (and a great teaser for our Chinese food dinner). 

The campuses were then split up for more indoor play. TJC went to the Dining Hall where they entered, "Who can eat a bowl of cereal first". The winner was Francisco Perochena (applause emoji). They also did "who can stand on one leg the longest,", and it was a tie between Jacob Melman and Noah Baker. They also played a dice gam and a milk chugging game. No one can say that MKN doesn't teach unique skills. 


The LSRs headed to Kruger Lodge for a movie, while USR went to the Field House to play Spikeball, Basketball and Ping pong.

Evening activity was a favorite camp MKN Tradition - the annual Seneca vs. Staff basketball game. The whole camp got to watch and get 'concessions' from the concession stand including hotdogs, pizza, and snow-cones.  The half time show was 10 TJC vs 10 USR (picked at random) - they had to get all members passed through a hula hoop.  TJC won. 

After a hard-fought game, the final score was Counselors 97 Senecas 79. 

  • Jake Menell - 11

  • Spencer Brouhard - 17

  • Kelly Morris - 24

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