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TUESDAY 7/16/19


what's cooking?

we have a birthday!

Today’s Lunch: Chic-Fil-A.

Today’s Dinner: Tacos.

Tomorrow’s Breakfast: English Muffin and Scrambled Eggs.

Lots of tournaments today! 

Rising 7th graders played soccer at MKN, rising 10th grade baseball players headed to Winadu, and rising 5/6/7th grade golfers also played at Winadu. 


Probably the most exciting tournament (and one of our largest of the summer) was the co-ed swim meet we hosted with camps Taconic, Danbee, Belvoir, Greylock and Romaca.  We are so proud of our swimmers, we had two full teams (Green and White) and they placed first and third overall.  


Evening activity was a social for USR (Upper Seniors).  Senecas were here at MKN. It was an active social, they went on the ropes course and played soccer. The other upper seniors went to Danbee. 

LSR, TJC & Mini Maks played "Hunt the Counselor". This game is like Hide and Seek, where as a bunk, you have to find the counselors hidden around campWhen they found a counselor, they had to shoot them with a foam dart, and they have clothes pins on to signify how many lives they have left.

The kids loved the game...we all know competing against grown-ups is pretty darn fun. 


  • Sam Seigel - 10

  • Ben Epstein - 14

  • Alejandro Martinez-Berrios - 21


To our MKN swim team for coming in 1st place!

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