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MONDAY 7/15/19











HIGH: 80°F

LOW:  57°F


what's cooking?

Our campers participated in a few action-packed tournaments today. The rising sixth grade basketball team played at camp Lenox, the rising seventh grade baseball team played at Winadu, and the rising fifth grade basketball team hosting four camps at MKN.  Every team both won and lost some games, and all matches were very close and hard fought. Congrats to our players!

Programming went on as usual for the rest of the camp, other than some of our USR (upper seniors) who prepared and left for an overnight hike to Mount Greylock. At 3,491 feet, Mount Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts. 

Evening activity was a great mix of fun events. The USR who weren't on the hike had free time at the waterfront. They could do any activity that didn't involve boats, including Slide and swim, fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking and more. 

The LSR (lower seniors) played Danish Longbow; a two-team game  with kicking, running, and passing. They loved it!

Our TJC (juniors) played Ninjas vs Guards, also with two teams.  The "Guards" are blindfolded and standing in the middle of the circle protecting objects while the "Ninjas" try to steal them and avoid being hit by foam swords. They got really into the game and went all Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Our Mini Makes played "Assault" - where they had to run a course without getting hit by a dodgeball or foam dart.

After all of the Evening Activity events, everyone came down to the fire pit for s’mores and a warm bonfire on this brisk night. 

Today’s Lunch: Meatball Subs.

Today’s Dinner: Fried Chicken.

Tomorrow’s Breakfast: Pancakes.

we have a birthday!

  • Michael Mcgarrie - 21

  • Luke Gorchov - 8

  • Michael Weitz - 14

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