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SUNDAY 7/14/19











HIGH: 80°F

LOW:  57°F


what's cooking?

The Mini Mak-ers have arrived and are diving into camp life!

They got settled into their own bunk, are getting to know their counselors, and took their swim test so they could swim in the lake.

We got back to usual programming - football is working on catching and throwing, soccer is working on advanced footwork, basketball is working on shooting, baseball is working on throwing and catching, and Tennis watched the Wimbledon finals in Kruger Lodge! 

After rest hour, TJC went on a hike.

During Campus Time, some kids had a three-point shot competition (make as many three-pointers in a minute as you can). The winners were:

  • 1st Andrew Badt

  • 2nd Abner Casanova

Evening activity was a favorite: Bunk Warz; where it's Senecas vs. everyone else.

Each station is 'manned' by a Seneca or two, while the bunk members try to beat them. 

Stations included:

  • Home Run Derby - hit tennis balls over the fence, but the Senecas had baseball bats and the campers had tennis rackets.

  • "Theatrical sword fighting"- campers must beat a mythical dragon in a foam noodle sword fight.

  • Morariu - campers have to get more bench presses than Senecas, but only Senecas have weights.

  • Speed skating in the hockey arena.

  • Build A Fire -replicate a tiny version of the GREEN AND WHITE Rope Race and burn your rope before the senecas.

The Mini Maks had their own Bunk Warz, where they had to get as many objects as they could into the other bunks goal.

Today’s Lunch: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

Today’s Dinner: Salisbury Steak.

Tomorrow’s Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and English Muffins.

we have a birthday!

  • Kirsty Meek - 20

  • Luis Gomez - 24

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