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FRIDAY 7/12/19











HIGH: 83°F

LOW:  60°F


what's cooking?

The day started with a nice, 6:30 a.m. polar plunge. We had a brave group of participants! 

Today's tournament was for rising 7th and 8th graders who played tennis at Camp Lenox.  Our advanced golfers also took a trip to Cranwell Golf Resort for special lessons. 

Campus time was exciting, as the kids played a favorite game called Fox Hunt. The play goes as follows: everyone is divided into four groups and spread out around camp (the foxes), while four kids are the chasers (the hounds). There is a specific path that everyone has to run on, and the goal is to not let the four kids pass you.

It was loads of British-inspired fun, and luckily, our campers had some extra help as the MKN little brothers and cousins arrived with their speedy legs! 

Evening activity was a Founder's Cup league play, which included sports like Disc Golf, Table Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis, Flag Football, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, and Baseball. Once again the visiting siblings and cousins were able to pitch in and help the teams! 

Everyone is SUPER excited for visiting day (we know you are too).  We won't be posting a wrap-up of the day, since you'll be there, but be sure to check out the Waldo photo album on Sunday to see the beautiful shots! (Including the end-of-the-day shaving cream fight).  

Today’s Lunch: Nachos.

Brother/Sister Lunch at Danbee

Today’s Dinner: Pizza.

Tomorrow’s Breakfast: Waffles.

we have a birthday!


Jack Patterson - 14

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