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SUNDAY 6/30/19











HIGH: 83°F

LOW:  70°F


what's cooking?

Today’s Lunch: Grilled Cheese & Onion Rings


Today’s Dinner: Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas 


Tomorrow’s Breakfast: Scrambled eggs & Home fries

The day started at 7 a.m. with the annual lake swim. This is a 3/4 mile (volunteer) swim,​ from one end of the lake back to camp.  Anyone who successfully completed the lake swim received a gold waterfront chip.

After the swim, we had some morning rain, so the kids did indoor activities like woodshop, dodgeball, and board games in the dining hall. We also gathered in Kruger Lodge

and watched an old tv game show that our very own Sam “Shovels” Pritchett was on as a kid, as well as the

Red Sox vs New York Yankees game. Lots of rivalries here!

Campers 13 & under who had signed up, participated in a basketball tournament with camp Wahnee. Both games were super tight, but unfortunately we lost. Excellent effort, nonetheless. 

During Campus Time, we held the "Stockbridge Series Watermelon" game, whereby the kids 

bounce a kick ball back and forth and crouch underneath it yelling “watermelon".  If the ball hits you, you're out, and the game ends when one person is left standing - the watermelon champion! Justin Fields took first and Luca Radovic took second. It was a juicy competition...

Evening activity got a little crazy for the TJC & LSR (all grades under seventh) with the game "Bonkers". This was an every-boy-for-himself competition with events like singing a Disney song, Homerun Sack Race, making a layup with a jacket on, and even guessing objects in a foreign language. The big winners were Alonso Perochena, Brendan Harmon, Bryan Goldstein, Karsten Langone and Nolan Weilenmann.


Meanwhile, the USR kids (rising 8th-rising 10th) played "Panic", whereby one person runs into their bunk and grabs anything they can use to impersonate someone else. The rest of the bunk has to guess who it is. 


To everyone who attempted and completed the lake swim!

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