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what's cooking?

we have a birthday!

Today’s Lunch: Chili Dogs


Today’s Dinner: Pizza


Tomorrow’s Breakfast: Bagels

​It was a great tournament day for our older MKN Campers, who visited Camp Winadu.  They came in third place in Lacrosse, and played a tough baseball game. 

The other campers continued progressing in their activities  In music, the kids are learning to play a song together, and on the ropes course, the boys are timing themselves to improve the rock wall climb. In Tramp Ball, the boys created a new game with teams. 

Today was also the big Stockbridge Series Marathon. Campers and counselors who want to participate run the 2.1 mile course around camp MKN. We had many eager participants! The final standings were: 

  • 1ST - JACOB KRIMSKY, 14:08

  • 2ND - JUSTIN FIELDS, 14:42

  • 3RD - kARSTEN LANGONE, 15:21

Evening activity was a favorite - Bunk Warz. Each bunk battles through the course together, which includes evading counselors throwing dodgeballs, tug of war, running to place soccer balls in a trash can while the counselors trying to stop them, jousting, 

and running on the inflatable race track as the counselors once again try to "dodgeball" them off. 

The 'war' ended with the grand finale - the bucket hold. 

Each team has to hold an empty bucket arms straight out while the opposing team fills the bucket with water. 

First one to drop the bucket loses!

Will Patterson - 11


To everyone who participated in the Stockbridge Series Marathon!

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