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what's cooking?

Today’s Lunch: Beef and Chicken Burritos, Beans, and Rice.

Today’s Dinner: Roast Beef, Potatoes, and Broccoli.

Tomorrow’s Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls.

Last night was big.  Huge.  It was the Green and White sorting ceremony.

Green & White is our version of Color War, a 36-hour head-to-head competition which "breaks" at some point between now and the end of the first session.  Once you're on a team, you're on that team for life, so the sorting ceremony is very meaningful.  


All new campers and staff were welcomed into the field house by the returning campers and staff, who were chanting their own teams names.

Our programming director, Greg gave a heartfelt speech about the meaning of the G&W Sorting Ceremony and the respected feud between the two teams. Campers then picked a colored flag from the sacred MKN Sorting Hat, which resulted in a loud cheer from their corresponding team. 


After the sorting, we had a mini event to launch the G&W scorebord. Senecas raced against each other to complete two tasks, and White team won both events. The last task involved all campers balancing a box of tic tacs on a tongue depressor.  The Green team took that one. 

Earlier in the day, the USRs went on a hike and played basketball and baseball, preparing for an upcoming tournament.  More kids attempted waterskiing and wakeboarding, while a very intense game of trampball took place. 

The Media group are creating a "Guide to Success to Danbee Socials". (We're hoping to get Justin Bieber to star in the film. Finger's crossed). 

During rest time, the kids wrote letters, played cards, and relaxed. Hold on tight, you'll see some letters from your campers any day now.

The usuals at Campus Time - Gaga and Frisbee and Soccer, while a group also learned about meditation.  Deep breaths. 


  • Luke Friedman for teaching everyone in his bunk Yu-Gi-Oh.

  • John Jones (counselor) - amazing bunk cleanup efforts with senecas.

  • Casey Simon- helped put up the soccer nets.

  • Madison Brand - making counselors job easier on everyone.

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