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TUESDAY 6/25/19











HIGH: 86°F

LOW:  70°F


what's cooking?

we have a birthday!

Today’s Lunch: Chicken Parmesan


Today’s Dinner: Fried Chicken & Mashed Potatoes


Tomorrow’s Breakfast: Egg McMuffin & Potato Hash

It was a rainy day, so the campers rotated indoor programs like woodshop, basketball, letters and logos, clock and plaque. They also did some arts and crafts, using Perler Beads (raise your hand if you remember doing a project or two with these fun, rubbery cylinders that come in every color imaginable).  


At the Nature Hut, the kids got to play the "hand game", in which you take turns slapping the ground, and if you slap out of turn, you’re out. We also played board games in the dining hall such as Connect Four, Monopoly, and Chess. Park Place for the win. 


Probably the most popular rainy day activity took place in the field house where kids got to channel their inner Ben Stiller for “Call of Duty Dodgeball”.  


Over at Kruger Lodge, they played “Queen’s Request” – whereby everyone goes back to their bunk and fills a laundry bag with random things, the “Queen” requests items, and you get points if you brought the right thing. It was a real Game of Thrones moment. 


Luckily, it cleared up later in the day and the kids were able to hit the waterfront, playing on the slide, tubing, and fishing. They also took a nice hike in the woods starting at the Nature Hut.  


During Campus Time (the free time between programs and dinner), the boys played Gaga, card games, ping pong, football and baseball. 


For evening activity, the “TJC”s, i.e. junior camp, which includes boys going into 2nd-5th grade, created bunk flags and bunk pledges for their bunk to live by.  We’ll get you some quotes from these bunk pledges soon, they’re pretty adorable.  The Navajos (going into 6th grade), played Mission Impossible.


Love was in the air for the older kids, who had a social with our sister camp, Danbee. This included Cheyenne (going into 7th grade), and all of the USR’s (upper seniors) – going into 8th, 9th, and 10th.  To help facilitate interaction, the groups played Minute to Win it games, and much laughter was had. While the Senecas, our oldest guys, had a beach party. 


Leo Keeler - 11

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