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MONDAY 6/24/19











HIGH: 84°F

LOW:  68°F


what's cooking?

we have a birthday!

Today’s Lunch: Pizza Quesadilla, Spanish Rice, Cream of Chicken Soup


Today’s Dinner: Italian Chicken Sausage with Peppers and Onions, and Veggies


Tomorrow’s Breakfast: Egg McMuffin and Potato Hash

The day started with an exciting announcement at breakfast - everyone found out which Founder's Cup team they would be a part of: Kruger, Metzger, Rudolph or Lilley. 


The Founder's Cup is our four-week team competition, whereby the kids compete in both whole team and individual/age-specific events. The points are tallied at the end of first session and the winner is awarded the coveted Founders Cup trophy. 

For evening activity, each team worked as one unit in "Operation Destruction".  The Senecas (oldest campers) had to untangle frozen T-shirts and put them on while the rest of the team tried to knock down a three-tier pyramid of garbage cans with tennis balls.  


Another activity was "cat and mouse", during which each team rolled a huge beach ball around a large circle and tried to tag the opposing team member with the ball.  It's kind of like beach play meets dodge ball.  

After the first day's events, team standings are: Metzger in first place, Kruger in second, Rudolph in third, and Lilley in fourth. Be sure to ask your son what team he's on so you can keep an eye on the scores! 

Earlier in the day, the boys followed their usual program, learning basic boxing skills in weight trainingwaterskiing (many for the first time), and even playing field hockey.  Kids were timing themselves to see how fast they could climb the rock wall, and in art class, the budding artists tie-died a counselor's shoes (we smell a trend brewing). 

During rest hour they read books, napped, and wrote letters home. We also asked the kids, “what was the best part of your day so far".  Stay tuned for answers in the coming days! 


Angelica Trias - 22

Jack Gorchov - 13


To Greg for creating such an intense first day of Founders Cup!

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