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SATURDAY 6/22/2019











HIGH: 82°F

LOW:  63°F

First Day of Camp!


what's cooking?

we have a birthday!

Today's Breakfast: French Toast, Sausage, Oatmeal, Berries, and Yogurt

Today's Lunch: Chicken Fingers, French Fries, Cream of Mushroom Soup, and Salad Bar

Today’s Dinner - Hot Dogs, Burgers, Chicken Breast, Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Watermelon

We happily welcomed our Mah-Kee-Nac campers from far and wide for the first day of camp.  The weather was mostly sunny, with a touch of rain, and the boys were ready to go! 

Our return campers couldn't wait to get started; showing the 'newbies' all the ropes (quite literally, in the case of our ropes course). They played activities like basketball, Gaga, tramp ball, soccer, and more. We also held our swim tests, to ensure that all campers could safely swim the length of the slide & swim area.  A great effort was made by all participants. Even when the weather turned grey, the boys pushed through and got it done!

The kids were able to settle into their bunks and start getting to know their bunkmates. Then, they all poured in for dinner - traveling seems to make boys VERY hungry. Luckily, we had a big cookout to feed these active campers. 

We ended the evening with our first opening huddle, where ​we welcome everyone into the field house.

Those who have been here the longest went into the field house first, and each camper afterwards was greeted with a chain of high-fives. 

We all watched a throwback video of MKN from summer 2018, then stood in a circle and recited the MKN pledge. 


We then moved to the Campfire, where the camp directors gave speeches about how to make this summer extraordinary.

Our oldest campers, the Senecas, introduced themselves and said how many years they have been at MKN.

Then came the lantern lighting, at the newly updated amphitheater overlooking the gorgeous Stockbridge Bowl.

Each bunk lit one paper lantern to signify the start of summer. 

We followed it up with an ice cream and dance party in the dining hall.


It was a busy, boisterous, and exciting first day to kick-off summer 2019!

No birthdays today.



This is where, each day, you'll see a note of 'congrats' to honor standout achievements at MKN. 

Today, we give kudos to our amazing counselors who got the camp ready and helped all of our campers settle in smoothly and happily, as well as our lifeguards who guided the kids through their swim tests. 

And a big kudos to you parents for sharing your kids with us and giving them an experience they'll never forget.

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