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JUNE 29, 2018

Welcome to 

from your camper friday!

On Fridays we publish articles and videos created by campers in our Journalism class. These can range from news programs to reviews of things on camp. Please enjoy the selections for this week!

A Summary of Opening Ceremonies

Sam Girshovich, Bunk 21

     It was in the evening at about 7:30 pm when all campers and counselors went into the field house. Returning campers and counselors went to one side of the gym and first year campers and counselors went on the other side. The two groups were separated by a large   white screen. On the white screen Greg Leo showed the campers and counselors a video of returning counselors talking about why they love working at camp...why it’s extraordinary. Everyone was surprised to see Connor crying, which no one thought was possible. Following this, the screen dropped and returning campers and counselors came to welcome the new campers and counselors to the Mah-Kee-Nac family.

    Then the returning campers and counselors and the first year campers and counselors joined together and listened to Greg Leo give a speech and at the end we stood up and raised our right hand and took the oath to make our summer extraordinary. Then we went to the waterfront and watched the new directors; Jamie and Rachel chadwin take the oath for directors.

    After that we lit Chinese lanterns and watched them fly away. Then we got to go to the Dining hall to eat ice cream, it was an awesome night!

In addition, here is a short news program produced by some of our junior campers:
From Your Camper Friday

From Your Camper Friday

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