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JUNE 28, 2017

On Wednesday, our boys hopped onto the buses and vans to enjoy their very first trip day of the summer! Junior Camp made a splash at Zoom Flume for their annual trip to the water park. The kids and counselors slide down all the slides and jumped in all the pools without hesitation. Our trip ended with a visit to the gift shop, the store wasn't left with one fidget spinner!

Our Upper and Lower Seniors headed to Six Flags, the weather was great and one of our counselors won a dance battle with Sylvester the skunk mascot. The MKN energy from the crowd cheering him on was electric! Superman and Cyclone were the best rides and the candy store was of a course a big hit. The new Joker ride was a hot topic due to pure intimidation, and it was awesome to see our boys build up courage and conquer their fears together to go on the ride!

After Six Flags, we surprised our Senecas with tickets to go see David Blaine. The show was incredible! Highlights include: turning a wedding ring into a frog, mind reading a random audience member and endless card tricks. Seneca surprise night was a success!


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