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JULY 31, 2017

"What's something you've learned so far at Mah-Kee-Nac?"

"I learned how to become a better tennis player and that's good because now I can play people and beat them!" -Charlie Lesch

"I learned how to play TAPS on the trampolines. Playing in the tournament was awesome because it was new and awesome!" -Ryland Noorily

"I made a cupcake sandwich. That was a pretty crazy thing! One of my campers showed me and I was like 'Whoa'!"

-Joe "Smiley" Lyon

"Trampball, trampolines, and jumping. Those things are really fun and I'm happy I got to learn them." -Benji Espinoza

"I got up on waterskis and I never thought I'd be able to!" -Maxwell Katcher

"I learned how to do a spin in the pool. That's pretty fantastic because now I can be faster in the swim meets and that's going to help a ton." -Daniel Sheinfeld

"I learned how to make things in woodshop and it was really fun!" -Jamie Routman

"I'm learning how to get up on waterskis and I've almost gotten up! The counselor's make it so fun to learn and I think I'll get up soon!" -Marco Andrade

"I learned how to do some new stuff in woodshop. Those skills will be great in the future and the counselors make it easier to learn in a fun way!" -Eugenio Lainati

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