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JULY 26, 2017

Here at Mah-Kee-Nac we love challenges. Encouraging campers and staff to try new things that they never would have dreamed of is what we pride ourselves on. It is for that reason that we do a "Tough Mudder" course every year. Tough Mudder is typically a 10 mile long race that has runners go through many obstacles to get to the finish. It sounds like a great idea for adults, so at camp we decided to make it a bit shorter and more muddy! Campers run a 3.9 long course throughout camp where they get to run through woods, walk through mud, fight off foam bubbles, slide down water slides, and eat snow cones. We started with the oldest guys and worked towards the youngest, we are delighted to say that everyone finished! To us, the focus wasn't around the race but rather everybody finishing. It was a shared, huge accomplishment around camp and everyone is proud of themselves!

The morning was spent running through mud, while the afternoon was spent doing everything else you could imagine! Every bunk participated in a series of events entitled "Bunk Warz". Every member in the bunk would go to an assigned activity that would get them points to an awesome prize! Bunks participated in activities like So You Think You Can Dance, which included four professional choreographers teaching campers some cool moves. Some participated in Top Chef, which included campers attempting to make ice cream. Then others did Escape the Bunk, which gave them the opportunity to show their wits as they had to use clues to get out of a bunk. Then there was the crowd favorite of Floug Tag. Floug Tag is an activity that has each bunk create a flying machine out of cardboard to be warn by a pilot. The pilot jumps off the water trampoline and tries to fly as far as possible. Andrew Badt tied the record of flying eight feet! Today was definitely a great one for all of camp as we got to learn, share and show off some of our greatness.  

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