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JULY 24, 2017

"How should Mah-Kee-Nac be defined in the dictionary?"

"In the dictionary MKN would be described as a place with fun games and friends." -Jake Parker

"A very fun place to be and have a great time!"

-Javier Santos 

"I don't know how to define it...the only word is fun. You get to experience new things, like ropes. I love climbing things and ropes is the best thing ever. words can't define it, the things you do define MKN." -Nathaniel Rabin

"Best. Place. Ever." -Sam "Shovels" Pritchett

"Home away from home."

-Zach Brown

"Camp Mah-Kee-Nac can be described as the most fun place in the world. We do sports, events, and a little bit of everything. This place is extradordinary!" -Brian Paget

"One of the finest traditional boys camp since 1929!" -Zach Tsetlin

"A fun camp for all boys!"

-Isaiah Linnick

"Really fun...and we break a bunch of records...and the sports are awesome...and the new stuff is awesome, and the counselors are awesome, and the events are awesome. It's just awesome." -Josh Sloan

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