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JULY 20, 2017

Jack Richards

Lost in the Semi-Finals 

Today was one of the most exciting days of the summer here at MKN! It was the annual MKN Invitational for tennis! We're happy to say that we won against Lenox in the finals...40-39!

Many people are deserving of kudos, including the boys that helped se everything up, the campers who acted as ball boys, the staff who ran back and forth with water jugs, and of course our fantastic tennis staff who helped run the entire invitational.

However, we would like to give a special kudos to all the campers who played today:

Spencer Brouhard and Desi Avidane

Lost in the round robin

Josh Adelsberg and Aaron Kail

Lost in the Semi-Finals

Benny Rakower and Matt Silberfein

Lost in the Semi-Finals

Zach Karol and Luke Herman

Lost in the Semi-Finals


Justin Fields and Jonah Samton

Lost in the finals

Evan Trocke

Lost in the Round Robin 


Laurence Abelson

Lost in the Round Robin


Justin Boder

Won 12 and Under Singles


Zach Reichman

Finalist 13 and Under Singles


Robbie Coleman

Won 15 and Under Singles


Will Hawrylak and Andrew Badt 

Won 13 and Under Doubles


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