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JULY 19, 2017

Today was the first trip of the second session. All of our Juniors and Braves hopped onto buses and headed for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. They got to explore three floors of history that had them all really excited! After that, they were told there would be an interview with one of the newest members of the Hall of Fame, Rebecca Lobo. It was great fun for everyone! after a quick trip to the gift shop, the buses were loaded for the next stop: The movies! TJC went to the snack bar and prepared for the showing of "Despicable Me 3". Every five minutes the theater shook with laughter as the boys were entertained by the hijinks of Gru and his Minions. They then made their way back to camp with a successful day of fun and smiles!

LSR this week did the opposite of last week, with the Navajos going to FunPlex  and Cheyennes to Ramblewild. The Navajos loved the  minigolf, trampolines, climbing walls, and especially the go-karts in FunPlex. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves in the massive area! Meanwhile the Cheyennes were hanging out in the trees of the adventure course. They had the opportunity to climb trees and run around as their friends cheered them on from the ground.

Cherokees decided to change it up this week and headed to battle with airsoft guns. The boys loaded the weapons and headed to aim for the other team as they used the guns. It was fun for everyone, especially the guys that managed to hit the counselors without getting caught. Overall, the airsoft trip seemed to be a huge joy!

The Algonquins hung out on camp for a few hours until it was time to get on some buses and make the trek East to Boston. The boys were going to one of the most beloved trips of the year, a Red Sox game. Excitement ran high as the boys filed into Fenway park to witness as the Sox took on the Blue Jays. It was great right off the bat, as Boston scored four runs within the first two innings. It was a great game and going to bed extra late was an added bonus!

As for the Senecas, the tradition of paint balling had to occur. They new that they had one mission: get their friends as colorful as possible. After about three hours of trying to hit their best friends, the boys headed back to camp. Sadly, no prize for biggest welt can be handed out as their were very few this year. We can definitely mark today's trip day as one of the best.

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