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JULY 17, 2017

"What has been your  favorite part of camp so far?"

"Lip Sync Battle was the most fun part of camp because I got to sing with all of my friends!" -Luis Saro (TJC)

"Green and White was awesome because I got to be competitive and play fun games" -Dylan Goldberg (TJC)

"Definitely the atmosphere! It's a great group of people and every person on camp is really positive." -Ben Cion (LSR Tribal Head)

"'USA v. Canada: Numero Dos' because we won, there were a bunch of people watching, and I got a lot of saves when I was goalie. Like when Jack Richards came in for a breakaway and I hit the puck away from him." -Andrew Chodes (USR)

"The basketball tournament because I got to show how good I am. I scored eight points! -Diego Marranzini (USR)



"Meeting all my new friends and nice counselors" -Miles Erdos (TJC)

"Going to art and getting to experience all the cool projects and making some awesome rockets" -Michael Weitz​ (LSR)



"My favorite part this year was Green and White. Throughout the day I got to play on the field for my team and it was magical. There's something about going to a game and knowing you're playing for someone bigger than yourself, that feeling  is fantastic, and it's what I love about this place." -Max Monson (USR)



"Green and White because I got to do the rope burn. I had never made a fire that big before and it looked really cool" -Jesus Torres (USR)

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