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JULY 10, 2017

On Saturday night, Camp Mah-Kee-Nac’s annual color war broke out with the help of New England Revolution players Joshua Smith and Xavier Kouassi. With music blasting and lasers beaming, the Green and White Captains and Senecas helped welcome in their squad to the fieldhouse where the breakout took place. To open this summer’s green and white events, captains and senecas partook in a shootout competition as Josh fed balls to the white team and Xavier to the green. With a score of 24 goals to 23 goals, the white team came out on top! Giving them an initial 60 seconds advantage over their opponents.

Following the shootout, the entire camp prepared themselves for the famous Rope Race. Green and White teams were split into smaller squads of all age groups, where together they had to hang onto a rope while they ran around camp to complete different silly challenges. White held onto the lead and walked away with the victory, adding another 55 seconds onto their growing time lead.

The camp woke up refreshed and ready for a day chock full of creative competition. It kicked off with the Flag Find event, a race to see which team could find and collect 130 green or white flags the fastest. As one camper or staff member returned back with a flag, the next took off in a sprint to find the next one and so on until the challenge was completed. The “Green Machine” won their first event and managed to shaved 3 seconds off their accumulated time penalty.

Head-2-Head divided the boys into their carefully selected rosters for sports to gain points for their teams. They played everything from basketball and soccer to water polo and Gaga ball. The green team clawed back a huge 60 seconds in the second event of the day. Next, the teams dodged, ducked, dipped and doved in Royal Rumble Dodgeball. This total elimination game got “White Lightening” back to their winning ways. The White team picking up a massive 90 seconds before everyone broke for lunch.

Wreck Your Counselor and the Water Balloon Toss were 2 of the 10 All or Nothing event rotations that began after rest hour. White continued their winning streak and took all the points from the 10 rotations, giving them a combined 60 seconds to add to their advantage. However, Green didn’t give up and they came back with a win in The Circle, a race where participants gained points every time they overtook a member of the other team while simply running in a circle. This earned them a very healthy 90 seconds back from the whites.

As The Circle and All or Nothing went on, certain members from each team were called to the pool to practice for the Synchronized Swim. Each team swam to a song of their choosing, and they were judged for creativity and how in sync they were. Green won this event, showcasing their teamwork and a creative use of props left over from L.A.R.P, earning them 60 seconds to put them back in the race. After the art of the Synchronized Swim, the science of the Belly Flop Competition commenced. The counselors’ flops were judged by their horizontal entry, horizontal flight and splash. The White Team took home another win adding another 45 seconds to their time.

In the dining hall, everyone was treated to dinner and a show with the Karaoke event. Green and White went with mashups of classic songs. The use of the campers saw white continue to dominate their green rivals and pick up 30 seconds before the evening events began. An evening of  frantic events occurred in the form of One Minute Sport Rotations. Squads of 5 were split again as each team raced around camp to participate in minute long games of soccer, nucuum, street hockey and basketball. Green had to play big here to get some time back for the famous rope burn event, winning the majority of the rotations and recovering 90 seconds heading into the final event.

As the younger campuses showered, the upper seniors collected wood for the final event, the Rope Burn. The Senecas built two fires to burn their Green or White rope. Green had a significant time penalty from the day’s events, giving the Whites a massive 97 second lead. It came down to the wire as both teams completed various tasks to retrieve fuel for their fire. As the teams cheered for their Senecas, the camp witness the closest rope burn in MKN history, the ropes were literally seconds apart! Even with a lead in their pockets, the white team managed to burn down their rope first. As the tradition remains, the entire white team sprinted to the famous “Rock” to declare their victory over a 2016 loss. The Green rock is now coated in pure white, leaving their mark as Green and White champions of 2017.

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