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AUGUST 3, 2019

 "Don't cry because it's over, 

    smile because it happened."  

 - Dr. Suess 

After an amazing Six weeks at camp, we are sad to say that our regular program days have come to an end. From Ropes, Football and Soccer, down to Trampball, Baseball and the Waterfront, our boys had a spectacular time trying new activities and polishing their existing skills. Although regular program has come to an end, we still have LOADS to look forward to during Week Seven! 


MKN Film Festival 



Final Huddle 

Check out the daily MKN Today's for a recap of all that's to come this final week. We hope you enjoyed this summer's MKN Totem and thank you again for sharing your son with us!



Signing off the 2019 Totem... we'll be back in 2020! 

 Week Seven Activities Include: 

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