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THURSDAY 8/10/23











HIGH: 76°F

LOW:  62°F

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We can't believe it was the last day of camp!

Seven week of playing, singing, sporting, competing, bonding, laughing, dancing and so much more has come to a close. And dare we say, 2023 was one of our best summers EVER!

The campers spent most of the day packing, savoring last minutes with their buddies, and taking breaks to play games on their campuses. 

Evening activity was our final huddle (which got moved to the Field House for rain). Rachel and Jamie spoke about what a wonderful summer we all had and what camp means to them - and to all of us. The Senecas lit candles and handed them out to each camper. 

We played the beautiful end of summer video (which will be shared with all of you) and some tears were shed before bedtime. 

As the rest of the camp headed to their bunks, The Senecas went down to the beach. The rain had stopped and the boys (almost men) gathered together as Rachel read letters from their parents. They stayed up all night together - eating snacks, talking about memories, and saving their last moments as MKN campers. 

Thank you for a wonderful summer and for sharing your amazing children with us! They'll be back in your arms tomorrow.  

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