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Today was the very last day of programming.

The kids squeezed in their final moments of lessons for tennis, swim, soccer, basketball, archery and more.

The Upper Seniors finished their big NCAA flag football tournament during Campus Time, which the whole camp got to watch.

And then...after dinner...we all went down to the amphitheater for Friday (Saturday) night huddle. Jamie spoke of leadership and maturity as whispers began to spread that a game of Prison Break was going to happen.  Excitement filled the air, and, just as a few select campers received their MKN wrist bands, sirens rang over camp and a spotlight shone on the top of Kreuger Lodge.

The kids were jumping and yelling, as they thought Prison Break was beginning.  A bus, painted with an "MKN Prison" sign, showed up to take everyone to the upper football field, where the kids were told they'd been arrested and were now in "Prison" and would be reporting to cell blocks.

A video was then shown to explain their prison orientation. But, as the words were spoken, one quick image kept replaying - that of the Olympic rings. Back and forth the video went - prison and rings, prison and rings, until suddenly, the screen flashed with the words “OLYMPIC BREAKOUT”. 

The field lit up with a laser light show, a fog machine filled the area, and suddenly the theme for the year, the “Games of Future Past” was presented by the Senecas - on stage in red robes with their team flag.

Next, was the sorting.

Across from the stage were eight doors. Campers were called up in small groups and had to play a mini game, which determined the order in which they got to choose a door.  As soon as they opened their selected door, their Seneca decathlete was there waiting for them. 

Eight teams. Eight Nations.  Two Senecas per team - one decathlete and one team captain.

  • Breakfast: Eggs and pastries. 

  • Lunch: Sandwiches. 

  • Dinner: Cook out! Hot dogs and hamburgers.

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