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what's cooking?

Well, camp is coming to a close and while we did have programming today, the focus was mostly on our evening activity - the film festival (made by the kids and counselors in the media program) and the 'Programmies'; our award presentation for each program. 

 The film festival consisted of commercials, TV shows and short films made by the campers who took media class and their counselors. Participants included: Daniel Garber, Brendon Harmon, Zach Silverstein, Sam Girshovich, Drew Bender, Jack Gorcho, Seth Silberfarb, Gabe Kameros, Dylan Goldberg, Dash Levy, Gabe Kamaros, Jacob Goldstein, Jake Parker, Maxwell Talbot, Oliver Pitchenik, Angus and Karen, ​Connor N, Ryland Noorily, Philip Lio, Andrew, Josh, Eliot Pitchenik, Ryan Bloom, Carson Brown, Jake Parker, Mack Noorily, Spencer Wepman and Wyatt Demmon. 

We also had a music video, "Straight Outta 7" from Jude and Bunk 7. 


Our first round of Programmies was for baseball, presented by Chris Davilla. Gabe Kameros got best sportsmanship, Matt Zoland for MVP and Abner Casanova for Player of the year.

Then, it was on to basketball presented by Jamal. Julius Avidane got MVP of LSR, Dylan Antell for MVP of USR, and Andrew Badt for Sharp Shooter.

On to Football, presented by Ryan H. Lorcan Binding got Most improved, Andreas Abdy got Most ambition, Jamir Abney got 

MVP, and Eli Goldman got 'Tackiest hands', i.e. he always makes the catch.  

Soccer was presented by Toby.  Adiel Onofre got Sportsmanship, Ethan Siegel was recognized for scoring a "wonder goal" against Winadu, and Jonas Brohn got Outstanding Leadership. 

Rudy gave the Archery awards. Andrew Perlmutter got most Improved TJC, Ethan Stock got most Improved LSR, and Lev Pastel got most improved USR. 


For Golf, Chodes gave Ryder Begun MVP, Zach Singer most improved and Seth Silberfarb was awarded for dedication.

For Trampball from Jack, Seth Silberfarb got most improved, 

Ale Abdy got most dedicated, and Will Hawrylak got MVP.

Hockey was given by  Spencer & Paget. Jamie Routman 

got MVP TJC, Brendon Harmon got MVP LSR, and Theo Friedman got MVP USR. 

For Arts and Crafts/Rocketry, presented by Michael McKernan, 

Thomas Packard got Most Improved, Sam Girshovich

got Most Dedicated, and Asher Kornfeld got MVP.

Woodshop was presented by Dan Dan. Asher Kornfeld

got all around awesomeness, Zach Singer got Woodworking Wizard for USR, Devon Smith got Woodworking Wizard for LSR, and Holden Smith got Woodworking Wizard for TJC.

Media was presented by Luke. Daniel Garber got Videography MVP, Eliot Pitchenik got Team M MVP, and Ari Waldman got Photography MVP.

Music was was presented by Nat. Sean Gregg got an award for Leadership, Ethan Sapire got Most Improved, and Asher Gelfman got Dedication.


The Culinary awards were given by Ollie. Alex Jacoby

got an award for Knowing more than Ollie, Zach Silverstein

for bringing home the culinary trophy, and Daniel Lesch for Dedication. 


Fitness was presented by Harrison. Ryland Noorily got Most Dedicated, Justin Boder got MVP, Jaedon Taylor got Most Improved, Michael Weitz got Most Improved, Greg Dekker

got Best Gym Etiquette, and Sean Gregg got Most Enthusiastic.

Cross Country was presented by Tom F. Jake Barenbaum

got MVP, Tristan Rutman got Most Dedicated, and Trevor Fentress got Most Improved.

Tennis was presented by AJ. Justin Boder got Player of the Year, Drew Bender got MVP, Jack Gorchov also got MVP,

Adiel Onofre got Most Improved, and Philip Sheinfield

got Most Dedicated.

In Volleyball, Marco Andrade got Most Improved, Adiel Onofre

got Most Dedicated, and Isaac Wilk got MVP. 


For Ropes/Nature/Biking, presented by Mitch, Nate Rabin got Most Improved, Gabe Kameros got Most Improved, 

Andrew Garber got Most Dedicated, Jake Barenbaum got the Spidermonkey award, Joey Silberfarb got Fastest Climber, 

and Alan Suarez got Most Dedicated. 

The Waterfront "Shovels" went to Ari Waldman, Joah Baskin

Miles Erdos, and Greg Dekker for Canoe/Kayak. 

The sailing award went to Andrew Garber.

Knee Boarding awards went to Nick Dirico and Camillo Sako.

Waterskiing went to Jared Wagner and Zach Singer. 

Wakeboarding went to Andreas Abdy and Theo Friedman. 

Surfers were Sam Weiner and Cole McCabe. 

Fishing went to Andrew Jacoby.

And the Commitment Award went to Will Packard.

The Pool, or H2O awards, were given by Cynthia and were all called "One part heart and Two parts obsession". They were awarded to: Miles Erdos, Drew Harmon, Alex Desantis-Baugh

Mason Reich, Ezra Fenkel, and Max Cooper. 


Finally, came the Film Festival Awards (aka The Toby Awards).  

Best Picture went to "Infinity War" by Daniel Garber.

Best Director also went to Daniel Garber. 

Best Actor went to Seth Silberfarb. 

Most Creative and Funniest Film was given to "Shamwow" by Daniel Garber, Brendon Harmon, and Zach Silverstein. 

Today’s Lunch: Meatballs and Pasta.


Today’s Dinner: Fried Chicken.

Tomorrow’s Breakfast: French Toast.

we have a birthday!

  • John Ragaishis - 19

  • Toby Chambers - 26

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