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FRIDAY 8/6/21











HIGH: 84°F

LOW:  55°F


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Outwit. Outplay. Outlast. 


And....yay college!?! 

Today was special events all around: Survivor Island for the Lower Seniors, Pirate Day for the Juniors and NCAA day for the Upper Seniors. It was a blast for all.

The TJC had Pirate Day, all events were constructed around the strict narrative that the kids were pirates. They walked (and also jumped, twirled, and cannonball'd) the plank into the lake. They had to make rafts out of whatever they could find to get across the pool, and they did a huge scavenger hunt in search of puzzle pieces that created a map, which they then used to find treasure. They really loved the day and were very committed to staying in character.

LSR did Survivor island - which they'd started the previous night. The first activity was "Protect the Helmet", whereby the teams had to create a covering to protect a lacrosse helmet that their competitors tried to knock off a table by throwing tennis balls.  

Then, they did the "Rowing Rowing Regatta" - they had to make boats out of empty trash cans and other pool supplies, and use their ships to get to the other side of the pool.

Next, they too had a scavenger hunt. This one had clues to a puzzle that, once the pieces were found and put together, 

 gave coordinates to find a skull - the revered symbol of Survival Island. 

Lastly, they had to compete in a synchronized Haka Dance - a dance off in front of their fellow campers. In each round, one team was voted off the Island/dance floor. The winners had immunity for the final round. Check out Instagram to see our winning Survivors! 

USR had NCAA DAY. They held a flag football tournament 

of seven on seven players. They played on the smaller fields and used smaller balls so they could throw farther, which added an extra layer of entertainment. The game was intense and competitive, but also loads of fun.   

  • Breakfast: Eggs, sausage links, pastries and cereal. 

  • Lunch: Bean dip, taquitos, sugar snap peas and quesadillas. 

  • Dinner: Papa Johns.

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