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Today was all about wilderness, woodsiness, and survival. 

The adventure team made a big fire, which they used to cooked sausages over.  They decided to make this a competition, and held a "cook off" with Texas Tyler and our team media head, Chandler (me) as the judges. The judges tasted quite a few sausages, but alas, they could not choose a winner.  

Basketball had some intense three on three play and tennis stepped their game up to the next level. 

The big story, though, was evening activity. 

TJC went on a pirate treasure hunt, where the kids had to hunt around campus to find riddles. Once they solved the riddle, they'd get a hint of where to find candy on campus (more valuable than gold, in these parts).

LSR has a great night, as they played "Survivor Island." This is an annual tradition, so the breakout was really excited. The game started with an elimination where a counselor would go head to head with other counselors with the help of their campers.  This set the stage for the next five competitions. 

In the first, each team had to tie up a counselor, then, when said counselor broke free, they had to carry one of their campers across the volleyball court. 

The second event was the famous bed slide - whereby the team leaders had t run and slide on a wet mattress across the grass and whoever got the farthest won. 

The third game was an intense and dirty round robin of GAGA. They took no prisoners. 

The fourth was "Can Can" - counselors had to hold on to a rope and avoid trash cans scattered about, while trying to make other people touch the trash cans.

And the last event with the run-into-each-other-in-big-plastic balls-face-off (that's the official name). You get the idea.

At the end of the competing, the kids "camped out" in the counselor tent on upper campus.  

Meanwhile, USR played team handball. 

  • Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, sausage links, fruit and cereal. 

  • Lunch: Chicken sandwiches, curly fries and salad. 

  • Dinner: Pulled pork, rice, and potatoes. 

  • Dessert: Strawberry cake. 

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