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FRIDAY 8/5/22











HIGH: 88°F

LOW:  62°F

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  • Breakfast: eggs, oatmeal, fruit, pancakes. 

  • Lunch:  chicken nuggets, fries. 

  • Dinner:  cookout. 

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Today was a day of regular programming. The kids were doing their thing - playing Tramp Ball and sports, swimming in the lake, hitting the bow and arrows...what they didn't know, was that this would be their last day of regular programming.

Because, tonight, when they went down for Friday night huddle, they were soon swarmed by vans and quickly realized The Olympics were breaking out! Team "O" (the officials) showed up in full camo and had lanyards with each camper's name and a group color as well as alphabet letter. This told them what group they'd be in - but they didn't yet know what this group meant.

The whole camp moved to the field house, at which point the team captains - all Senecas - came out, also in full camo. Team O announced that the camp was facing a logistical problem, and the captains has to fine a way to "fix" it. They competed through six challenges - things like circling countries on a map, breaking a code to figure out a word clue, and more. After completing their challenges, they got a rank of who had done the best and that was the order they got to pick.

The 'Decathletes' - six Senecas picked to lead their teams in athletics, were all dressed as transformers. The Seneca captains then got to pick their Decathlete and their team. Once the whole team was together, they then competed as a team through a challenge to determine a new order. The rank after this challenge allowed each team to pick a head coach and assistant coach (staff). 

The final Olympic countries this year are: Madagascar, Germany, Philippines, Brazil, USA, Netherlands, India, and Australia. Stay tuned for full Olympic coverage!

  • Brandon Sou 

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