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SUNDAY 8/4/19


what's cooking?

Yes, there was archery and hockey and tennis and baseball today, but the talk of the camp is all about the big Olympics breakout!

Just after dinner, campers were escorted to the field next to the dining hall where they watched an opening video about the Olympics. Then, an army truck drove through camp blaring its horn, and behind it were the (disguised) decathlon candidates waving their respective flag.

The decathletes serve as a team captain of sorts for each Olympic team.  They are eight campers chosen from Seneca, based on athletic evaluations throughout the summer. 

As the hazmat-suit wearing decathlon candidates ran, all campers and counselors were given a card that told them what group they would be in, and they followed the army truck up the hill to upper field.

At the top of the field, a huge stage with the Olympiad banners stood tall waiting for everyone's arrival.

The decathlon candidates stood in front of their respective banner (countries). 

Greg Leo, our Special Events Director, or "Director of Fun" took to the stand and introduced an Army National Guard Sergeant, who ran to the stage waving the American flag while fireworks went off and music played.  It was exciting to say the least.  

The remaining Senecas, who had been placed into groups, then competed in an event to determine what order they could select their decathlon candidate in.  Once completed, the candidates were revealed: 

Jake Krimsky - Papua New Guinea, Justin Fields - The United Guild of Novgorod, Jack Richards- Zambia, Henry Forte -Bolivia, Eli Goldman - China, Jacob Zik - Ireland, Jake Fentress - Jamaica, and Charlie Szuchman - Argentina. 

The next event determined the order in which the Senecas, now teamed up, got to pick the remainder of their team (from the groups of campers).  

Once each of the eight Olympic teams was complete, the race for head coach was on. At the archery range, a picture of each head coach was taped to a target. Each team chose one Seneca to take a bow and arrow and try to hit the head coach of their choosing. 

After this was complete, the assistant coaches were also revealed.  

At the end of the ceremonies, all Senecas took to the stage with their coaches and assistant coaches for a photo as

fireworks went off behind them, then they joined their full team and the 2019 MKN Olympics officially began. 

Today’s Lunch: Chicken Tenders.

Today’s Dinner: Beef Stroganoff.

**Dance party after dinner


Tomorrow’s Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and toast.

we have a birthday!

  • Dash Levy - 10

  • Leonardo Pettinelli - 11

  • Andrew Badt - 14

  • William Hawrylak - 15

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