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TUESDAY 8/3/21











HIGH: 75°F

LOW:  45°F


Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 7.54.05 AM.png

Well, folks, we did it! We broke the record. 37 Hours of a continuous, all ages, Ultimate Frisbee Game in the books. And you'd think we just won gold in Tokyo based on the level of excitement around here.

The whole camp was put on two teams - Oak Street Bobcat or Hawthorn St Wolfpack. Throughout the day(s) and night, everyone went in shifts - teams of 7 v 7, playing their hearts out. Each Touchdown was one point. 

The whole thing ended with the Senecas and the final "win" went to Oak Street, with a score of 509-492. But, no one really cared who won or loss - it was all of us, every single camper and counselor and staff member, just working to keep it all going and break the record.  

Anyone who wasn't playing or watching was swimming in the pool, playing tennis, or doing other programs. But, throughout the day, most kids begged to come back and watch and do their own drills on the sidelines.

The "real" Olympics were on in Kruger Lodge, and kids were happy to pop in and see some of that as well. It really helped to fuel the world record experience. 

  • Breakfast: Potatoes, sausage links, fruit, and cereal.

  • Lunch: Philly cheese chicken, tater tots and salad. 

  • Dinner: Tacos- chicken and beef, rice, buffalo cauliflower, beans. 

  • Dessert: Lemon sorbet. 

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