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THURSDAY 8/3/23 & FRIDAY 8/4/23











HIGH: 75°F

LOW:  60°F

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Thursday and Friday were great days, as all our campers came back from their travels and we had the full camp back together. 

On Thursday, we had a fun game of beach soccer which ran the entire day. We create a full "pit" of sand, that the kids play soccer in, trading teams.

TJC had an afternoon beach social before the whole camp moved to the famous "Hat Trick" event. We'd been rained out of Hat Trick twice so far, so everyone was super excited to finally make it happen.  

Hat Trick is a big tennis tournament. The players are all broken into teams - 4 per team - and they compete in two rounds, one attacking and one defending. When someone scores 3 points in a row, they've officially made a Hat Trick and they move on. This keeps going - if the attacker wins, they stay, if the defender wins, they move positions. It's fast-paced, exciting, and exhausting.

Friday was a regular activity day - we had Friday Night Lights football play, followed by huddle. 

  • Breakfast: Pancakes

  • Lunch: Chicken Nuggets

  • Dinner: Turkey & Rice


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