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Today started early - very early, with our annual Lake Swim. Campers and staff woke at 7am, hopped into the chilly lake, and swamp 3/4 miles from one side of The Stockbridge Bowl to the other.

The event is not only a proud achievement for the kids, it's a chance to raise awareness for our partnership with SCOPE (Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education). 
SCOPE’s mission is to provide children from financially disadvantaged families with access to attend nonprofit, ACA-accredited, overnight camps. We strongly believe that camp makes a difference in the lives of children and we know you do, too.  Last summer, with your help, we raised over $6,000 to send six children to SCOPE partner camps! We are beyond proud of this community and are excited to see what we can accomplish this summer. 

Camp Mah-Kee-Nac will be helping again with this initiative by donating for every camper that participates, whether that be swimming or cheering on friends down by the lake! We had 34 participants - campers and staff - and many more cheering. We hope you will join us (again) and help send more kids to camp. 

To learn more and donate to SCOPE click here.

The rest of the day was mostly 'camp as usual'. The weather was beautiful. We had two tournaments - both for B6 (rising 6th graders) - soccer and hockey. Both sports took place at Camp Winadu. 

  • Breakfast: Bagel & Lox

  • Lunch: Sloppy Joe 

  • Dinner: Pizza

Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 7.50.44 AM.png

To all of our Lake Swimmers! What a great accomplishment & a beautiful way to give back!

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