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Tuesday and Wednesday were all Green & White, all day, all night. The weather was hot and the competition was hotter.  

After taking an early lead on Monday night in a closer-than-close soccer match, the White Lightning started Tuesday full of enthusiasm, while Green Machine was ready to even the score.

The competition events and included the Flag Find, Head2Head, Last Standing, Royal Rumble Dodgeball, Elimination, Rope Race, All Or Nothing Rotation, Synchronized Swim, Head Coaches Canoe Tug Of War, Belly Flop, and The Program Presentation (like a talent show if your talent is selling a shoe, inspired by your team).


Everything culminated with the big rope burn on Wednesday night. Going into the burn, the White Lightning had won a few crucial events, so they had a six-minute lead, which meant even if Green team burned their rope first, White still had six minutes to try to burn theirs and still win color war.


Right out of the gate, both teams - led by their Senecas - did an excellent job building and starting their fires.  They created some of the biggest fires we’ve seen in years, with their teammates taking "challenges" along the way in order to earn more wood. wind made everything tricky - the raging fire would be burning directly under the rope, then the wind would blow it in the opposite direction. Because the ropes are soaked in water for 72 hours beforehand, the fire needs to burn directly on it for quite some time - they never just "catch". The younger teammates helped out by holding large tarps to block the wind.

The race was neck and neck, but after a grueling and hot 40 minutes of pure fire, the Green Team's rope burned first. The team cheered with the momentary victory, but they knew they had to wait a full six minutes to see if the White rope would burn in that time.  Everyone anxiously waited and watched the white team's fire while the Senecas, exhausted, got some water and caught their breath.

Three minutes later, the White rope burned and White officially won Green & White - denying Green team a three-peat color war streak. 



Breakfast: Chicken & Waffles

Lunch: Taco Tuesday

Dinner: Chinese night - chicken Teriyaki. 


Breakfast: Egg English Muffins

Lunch: Chicken Souvlaki

Dinner: Beef pot roast. 

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