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MONDAY 7/8/24


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The big news from Monday came at night, when Green & White (our version of Color War) officially broke! 

While the kids always know G&W is coming at some point, they never know when or how it will break. And this year was one for the books.

During flag lowering, many campers were getting shout-outs for various accomplishments. As Brian (our LSR campus leader) was speaking, he was suddenly interrupted by blaring music and pyrotechnics.  

Everyone turned to see the Senecas flying across the lake in speed boats. When they made it to shore, they emerged carrying their green and white flags - divided by team. 


But they weren't alone! They were joined by Ernest Bawa and Kelvin (known as KK) - semi-professional soccer players, currently playing at Syracuse and Notre Dame. The players and Senecas then gathered their respective teams and led everyone down to the lower field to officially begin the competition. 

The first competition involved a t-shirt race in order to outfit the entire green and white teams with their team shirts.

After the t-shirt race, every player on both teams had to work together for a game called "Maze Runner" whereby they had to link arms with 25 other teammates and go through a maze to get to the other side of the field. 


The evening concluded with KK and Ernest joining the Senecas in a G&W soccer game while the entire camp cheered them on.

The game was unbelievably tight and at the end of regulation time, the score was tied 4-4. So, they went into Penalty Kicks (PKs).

In the end, The White Lightening got more PKs and took the lead over the Green Machine with the first GW win. 

Breakfast: Egg burritos

Lunch: Hot dogs & burgers

Dinner: Chicken fajitas

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